Dedicated server – RaspberryPi 4 8GB

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Your Dedicated server consists of:

1x RaspberryPi 4
1x 2.5 inch SSD (SATA) (1x 120GB SSD included)
1x available USB 3 port

Unlimited Traffic (* Fair Use Policy)
1000Mb/s down / 125Mb/s up (Shared)
IDS/IPS enabeled firewall
Dedicated IPV4 address included (additional IP’s available)
Operating system: (Ubuntu, Debian, Proxmox or provide ISO)
(other items)


A Raspberry Pi is a small, low-cost, and low-power computer that can be used as a server. It is a popular choice for businesses and individuals who need a low-cost and low-power server for small projects or for testing purposes.

Raspberry Pi servers are often used for small-scale projects such as web servers, file servers, or VPN servers. They are also popular for Internet of Things (IoT) projects, where they can be used to collect and process sensor data. Additionally, they are also used in home labs for testing and learning purposes.

The Raspberry Pi’s low cost and low power consumption make it an attractive option for businesses and individuals who want to run a server without incurring high costs. Additionally, it is also a great learning tool for those who want to learn about server management and administration.

In summary, Raspberry Pi can be a great choice for small-scale projects, testing, or for learning about server management, but for more demanding workloads, a dedicated server would be the best option to ensure high performance, security, and control.

What is it?

Renting a server that is exclusively for your use is a great option for companies that need a high level of performance, security, and control. With this type of server, you have full control over the hardware, software, and operating system. This allows you to customize the server to meet your unique business needs and handle high traffic and demanding workloads.

Having a server that is solely for your use also offers a high level of security. You can implement advanced security measures to protect your data and applications, as you have complete control over the server’s security settings.

In addition, having a exclusive server can offer better performance. Shared servers divide resources among multiple users, which can lead to slower performance and longer load times. But with a server that is only for your use, all resources are dedicated to your company, resulting in faster and more reliable performance.

This type of server is also useful for businesses that require flexibility and scalability. As your company grows, you can easily upgrade your server to meet the increasing demands. You can also choose to rent a server in a data center that is geographically close to your target audience, which can help to reduce latency and improve website load times.

Overall, renting a server that is exclusively for your use is a great option for companies that need a high level of performance, security, and control. With this type of server, you have the flexibility and scalability to meet the demands of your growing business and ensure that your website runs smoothly and efficiently.


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